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Nonviolent Communication: the revolutionary language of needs

Nonviolent Communication is an extremely effective means of transforming relationships with our partner, our children, parents and colleagues and, first and foremost, with ourselves. We learn a new language – defined by Marshall Rosenberg as the “language of life”- which allows us to communicate with harmony and authenticity.

Despite our desire to contribute to our own wellness and that of others, we are often lead by judgment, anger, guilt and shame.

At the source of all our actions there are some basic needs we rarely are aware of. Conflicts often arise from this lack of awareness and consequently our unclear requests. When we communicate our needs clearly, the likelihood that others will contribute to them will increase substantially.
Learning to recognize and listen to needs in ourselves and in others is therefore the most direct and safe way to live a full and fulfilled life.

Nonviolent Communication allows us to identify the stories and beliefs, which deeply influence our choices and the way we interact with others. Recognizing the needs that lie behind these stories makes it possible to transform them.

It enables us to become aware of the power we have in us to meet our needs and, as Marshall Rosenberg says, to make our lives wonderful.

Created by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s, Nonviolent Communication is nowadays spread throughout the world in the fields of education, training, psychology, health and mediation and conflict resolution.

I offer:

  • Workshops
  • Group practice sessions (2.30-4 hours)
  • Introductory conferences

Reconnect with the source of your choices and transform your relationships

Needs lie at the root of all our life’s choices. They motivate everything we do, everything we say, everything we think.

Learning to recognize and stay connected with our own needs is therefore essential for our actions to be effective, for our choices to be meaningful and for our relationships to be harmonious.

Why do we often find so difficult to listen and connect to our emotions, desires and needs?

Why are our rational strategic approach to a solution often fails?

We are just looking in the wrong place.

We are so used to listening to our thoughts and we pay very little or almost no attention to our intuition and our physical sensations.

In fact, thoughts (judgments, analysis, comparisons) distance us from connecting to our needs, values and emotions and those of others.

Being able to listen to our physical sensations and our intuition bring us closer to them therefore transforming the way we relate to ourselves and others.

With Giovanna Carrassi – actress, stage-director, and writer – we have developed an original method that enables to sense and understand what is alive in us, to translate it into words and to communicate it to others, therefore empowering our choices and building harmonious relationships with ourselves and others.

Such method integrates creative, communicational and physical approaches and uses techniques inspired by theatre, creative writing and Nonviolent Communication.

Created by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s, Nonviolent Communication is nowadays spread throughout the world in the fields of education, training, psychology, health and mediation. It enables to connect with our own and others’ fundamental needs and values and to move beyond fear, anger, blame, guilt and shame.

Creative writing is used here a powerful tool in order to reveal the meaning and the value of our personal experiences – even the most challenging ones. Such experience becomes the base on which, throughout the workshop, you will learn to connect with you own feelings and needs as well as to recognize those of your partner’s, your family member’s. Through this process we will develop deeper empathy and understanding of ourselves and others.Through theatre, we can become aware of the fundamental role that our body plays in communicating emotions and feelings.

We offer:

  • Workshops
  • Trainings tailored to your company/institution/organization

Go beyond compromise. Create authentic and harmonious relationships where everyone’s needs are satisfied.

Our needs and the needs of others are never in conflict.
Conflicts arise between strategies, the ways we choose to respond to our needs.

Being able to identify in ourselves and in the other the needs behind the concrete strategies is the key to solving any conflict.

Marshall Rosenberg testifies that any conflict can be solved in 20 minutes once 2 people arrive at connecting with each others need.
For that empathy is the key.

Is compromise a necessity for creating lasting relationship?
Aren’t we paying a high price for it?
What if there is a much more satisfying way, where no compromise or sacrifice is involved on either side?

How often do we long for freedom and independence for ourselves and our partner, and at the same time for deep connection, intimacy and sharing?

Often as partners we believe in the illusion that the responsibility lies 50% on each. This inevitably provokes a feeling of impotence, often associated with anger and frustration, because the responsibility for our well-being depends on our partner. Expectations and resentment settles in the relationship and corrodes it despite the love and affection we feel for each other.

The path I propose allows us to discover all the power and resources we have to be happy by meeting our needs and contributing to others.

Such a transformation does not only affect the life of your couple and family, but the whole community.
Such a takeover has the power to transform the world we live in.

We offer:

  • Mediation for couples (sessions of 90 minutes)

Discover our life purpose by listening to our internal voices and stories

Our greatest sufferings are caused by the stories we tell ourselves, by our beliefs, by the way we read what is happening around us. These stories – which take the form of inner voices – determine the way we relate to ourselves and to others.

For years, my inner voices have profoundly influenced my life and my most important choices.
I have often called them “my most powerful enemy”.

They sounded like…
“You will never make it!”
“No one will ever love you! It’s impossible for you to find someone who knows how to really understand you! You do not deserve it.”
“You are too much!”
“You don’t have enough skills, competence, experience to accomplish what you want!”
“It’s normal for everyone to leave you!”

I spent precious years trying to fight them, eliminate them, deny them, change them … without any success …

What if those voices became my friends? What if instead of changing and denying them, I would listen to them and understand what they were trying – in a somewhat awkward and impetuous way – to tell me?

I decided to start listening to them, as if I was listening to a loved one who is desperately trying to communicate with me, who is scared because his most dear values are at risk.
The moment I learned to listen to them, I found the meaning, purpose, and direction of my life.

Thanks to my personal experience and my work with hundreds of people, I developed an original and effective approach.

Through a process consisting of 3 individual sessions you will:

  • recognize your stories and inner voices
  • listen and embrace the values ​​and needs behind them
  • identify strategies for these needs to be realized
  • transform “negative” voices into a fundamental resources to connect with your life project
  • learn to talk with these voices so that they become your best friends

We offer:

  • A process consisting in 3 private sessions of 75 minutes (skype sessions are possible)