Connect with empathy – Unlock your power – Live your purpose


Learn to communicate empathically

Free yourself from anger, fear, shame and guilt

Honesty and harmony don’t coexist in your relationships?
Are you tired of compromising with yourself and others?
Do you want to transform the way you communicate and others communicate with you?

  • Trainings Communicating with empathy (Nonviolent Communication)
  • Trainings - Transform your relationships

Transform your relationship

From conflict to harmony, from disconnection to intimacy

Are your words building walls despite your best intention?
Are your compromises and efforts never enough?
Are you longing for being intimate but also autonomous with your loved ones?

  • Mediation
  • Connecting with your internal voice: private sessions
  • Trainings

Listen to your internal voices and stories

They are speaking your life purpose

Are your internal voices and stories your worst enemies?
Are you trying to deny and change them without success?
Are you looking for your life purpose?

  • Connecting with your internal voice: private sessions


After graduating in Biology, I obtained a PhD in the field of Neuroscience and have spent more than a decade in academic research at the Universities of Genoa, Rome (La Sapienza) and Geneva. Subsequently, my passion for the social and community aspects of mental health led me to obtain a Master’s degree in Adult Education at the University of Geneva…

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It has been an experience of deep human connection. Now I have a concrete tool to transform and improve my relationships!

– Paolo

I had stories inside that deeply conditioned my choices. They were always present and they took lots of energy. They are no more there. I finally feel light…I learned to embrace my life as it is.

– Claire

Thanks to the sessions, the relationship with my husband is improving. There are intimate changes. It is an extremely powerful tool!

– Ellen

Benedetta is very powerful, honest and authentic trainer! The workshop triggered a deep change in me. I am relating to my family in a very different way.

– Elsa

The sessions freed myself from the tensions which made me powerless in front of my choices. By accepting what I was feeling, I could start to be open to myself. By listening to my needs, I found my confidence back. I found a serenity that allows me to move on with my whole being. It is very refreshing and restful!

– Virginie

The workshop has been one of the most beautiful and strong moments of my life. I really hope to repeat this experience soon.

– Antonio

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