Nonviolent Communication is an extremely effective means of creating authentic and harmonious relationships with others and above all … with ourselves.

Our needs and those of others are never in conflict. Conflicts emerge from the ways we choose to meet those needs. Learning to listen to needs beyond concrete strategies is the key to transforming any conflict.

Is compromise a necessity for creating lasting relationship?

Aren’t we paying a high price for it?

What if there is a much more satisfying way, where no compromise or sacrifice is involved?


Through the workshop you will learn concrete tools to:

– fully satisfy your needs and those of your partner without compromising

– transform conflicts in occasions to strengthen intimacy

– cultivate authenticity, freedom, complicity and harmony in your relationships

– overcome resentment, anger, guilt and shame

Created by M. Rosenberg in the 1960s, Nonviolent Communication is nowadays spread throughout the world in the field of education, psychology, mediation and conflict resolution.

The seminar is open to couples and singles.

It will be held in English. The trainer speaks also French and Italian.

Price: 300 CHF (for the 4 sessions)

Where: Geneva, Switzerland

Download the flyer: intimate relationship – geneva – nov:dec 17